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Supercharge your software delivery capabilities with our advanced test automation services.

Automate to accelerate

Stellar Omada’s highly experienced test automation team will elevate your software development capabilities. Partnering with a trusted test automation provider streamlines processes, enhances quality, and accelerates time to market. 

Automate to accelerate.

We understand the challenges of releasing a functional and robust software product, application, or platform – it’s important to involve the test team early in the design phase to manage defects quickly. We also understand the growing complexity of the device landscape and how manually testing multiple screens and scenarios can be repetitive, tricky, and time-consuming.

Why test automation is important

Streamline Test Delivery

Streamline test delivery by automating repetitive tasks such as configuration testing, environment setup, and monitoring. Reduce manual effort, minimise errors, and deliver consistent results.

Release Frequent Updates

Automate tests to get crucial feedback on software readiness before deployment. Release updates more frequently while maintaining the integrity of the existing production environments.

Enhance Test Coverage

Test automation increases test coverage by running more tests in less time using fewer people. It also allows you to target problem areas and enhance product quality without increasing costs.

Building your test automation framework

The foundation of a successful test automation deployment is developing a robust framework tailored to your requirements.

Our open-source test automation framework saves your company from costly defects. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Fully customisable to suit your automation needs.
  • Our AI-capable self-healing framework improves the test’s robustness and reliability.
  • Library of pre-built functions to enable quicker start-up and shorter scripting times.
  • Constantly evolving and improving based on our real-world experience and lessons learned.
  • Easy to use, even non-technical testers can integrate into it.
  • Capable of creating a bespoke solution that can be extended to suit requirements.
  • End-to-end process automation.
  • Automation across all test levels.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Integrates with a wide range of technology, including BrowserStack and all other industry-standard test management tools.
  • Scalable to run tests in the 100s or 1000s if needed.
  • Follows industry-standard object-orientated design principles so easy to understand for technical teams.
  • Open-source.
  • No licence cost is involved.
  • The best part is, we leave this framework in place  – even when you no longer need our support.

Test automation benefits at a glance

Automate to accelerate

Delivering complex software applications is challenging. With thousands of possible scenarios, multiple device types and fast-paced development lifecycles, we know exactly what you’re up against.

You may recognise most, if not all, of  the symptoms below:

  • Your test team is struggling with capacity
  • You are running multiple repetitive tasks that need many resources
  • Your test data management process is time-consuming
  • You want to reduce time-to-market
  • You need to improve the auditability and reporting

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Welcome to our collection of test automation articles, where we delve into the latest trends, insights, and innovations. Our articles aim to spark discussion and inspire action through a blend of expertise, analysis, and forward-thinking perspectives. 

Whether you’re seeking strategic guidance, industry best practices, or visionary ideas, our articles offer valuable insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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“ The Stellar Omada colleagues who joined our programme were superb. Deep test and implementation management experience, delivered in a properly collaborative style – Stellar-people became bank-people for the duration of the engagement."
Exec Sponsor
core banking platform upgrade
“We couldn't have delivered our new banking payment platform without the Stellar Omada team. They brought in high quality people with strong leadership skills and embedded governance and control to deliver the Programme on time and in budget.”
Senior Programme Exec.

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