Stephanie Russell- Employee Spotlight May 2021

In the third edition of our Stellar Employee Spotlight, we hear from Stephanie Russell, a Test Analyst in our Product Team, as she discusses her development at Stellar, our Future Leaders program, Line of Duty and natural hot springs in New Zealand!

When did you start with Stellar Omada Ltd?

September 2019

What was your role then and how has it changed?

I came from a customer service role into my first Testing role as a Junior Test Analyst.  Having no prior experience at the time, Stellar Omada have brought me on massively since then!!  In fact, I have already been able to drop the “Junior” part of my job title.  I was initially hired to work in a different area of the business but have been working on one of our products, Simba, since my very first day.  The Simba project started out from scratch, so as cheesy as it sounds, I feel like Simba and I have developed together!!

How has Stellar Omada Changed in that time?

Stellar Omada has certainly grown substantially since I started here.  I was one of only 5 or 6 permanent employees to begin with but we now have almost 100!!  Thankfully though, one thing that has not changed though how Stellar values staff members.

What have been your highlights?

Genuinely just feeling like a valued and respected member of a team has been a massive highlight for me as I have never had that before with previous employers!  I was also selected for Stellar’s Future Leaders Program which is definitely up there as a highlight too!  Having come to Stellar as a Junior Tester I was really proud and excited to be selected for such a program so soon.  The i2i Goal Achievement Program led by Michael Finnegan has encouraged me to learn a lot about myself and is teaching me how to overcome things (i.e. me!) that would normally hold me back

Also, I can’t skip over how much of a sense of achievement I got from writing my first automated test and seeing it working!!

What’s the thing you are looking forward to post lockdown?

Weekends away….. anything from wild camping to luxurious spa breaks!

If you could do another job even just for one day, what would it be?

It would have to be something like getting to tell folks when they have won big prizes!  How amazing would it be to hand someone the keys to a shiny new car they have won or to get to tell them they have won the lottery??!!

What one dish do you wish had zero calories?

I would like to try pin it down to a single ingredient, but then I would have to choose between cheese and sugar! Probable cheese, as that way there would be damage limitation on many of my favourite dishes including Macaroni Cheese and Pizza!

Favourite TV/Film show?

I don’t very often see the middle of films as I usually fall asleep.  I tend to see the start then wake up in time to see the end!  Line of Duty and Our Yorkshire Farm are two of my favourites that I am watching on TV at the moment though.

Tipple of choice?

White Zinfandel rose wine!  The sweeter the better!! Or Pina Colada!!  Mmmmm!

Favourite place you have visited?

I went to New Zealand, where I visited (and bathed in) natural hot springs. New Zealand has many natural hot springs but, what made these ones unique was that they were not accessible by road, so we had to Kayak there instead! The springs were set into the side of a hill that overlooked the lake I had just kayaked across which made for a cracking view whilst soaking up all the benefits of hot, mineral infused water!!

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