Other Ventures- Stellar Sponsorship

Heart of Midlothian Innovation Center, Edinburgh Monarchs & Armadale Devils and Linlithgow Netball Club.

Heart of Midlothian Innovation Center

The Hearts Innovation Centre helps young people develop skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. Stellar Omada sponsors digital education and supports technology skill development and awareness in young people. We share our knowledge in BA skills, testing, UX & UI, product design and more with the young people who attend the innovation centre at Tynecastle. We hope to inspire the next generation of talent in Scotland to pursue a career in technology.

Edinburgh Monarchs Armadale Devils

Stellar Omada is the proud primary sponsor of both Scottish Speedway teams, Edinburgh Monarchs and the Armadale Devils. The Monarchs compete across the UK in the British Speedway’s Championship and are one of only two Scottish teams to compete in this league. The Stellar Devils are back in action again this year after a successful 2021 season. The Devils will compete in the UK national development league and aim to provide a new foundation for Speedway in Scotland.

Linlithgow Flyers Netball Club

Stellar Omada is proud to announce a partnership with Linlithgow Netball Club, and support technology in sport. Stellar Omada and Linlithgow Netball Club originally joined forces in 2021 to develop a new website and booking/payment system to support the club post-covid restrictions. This fantastic opportunity was championed by our CFO, Zoe Lee, a player and coach within the Linlithgow Netball Club, alongside the Stellar Pirates – our in-house team of new recruits.