Stellar Community Raises £30k for Big Hearts


In an inspiring display of solidarity and compassion,  Stellar Omada’s community of colleagues, friends, family and business partners have raised an impressive £30k for local charity Big Hearts this year. This remarkable achievement highlights the power of collective action and the incredible impact that even small contributions can have when combined for a common purpose.

Big Hearts’ mission is to improve lives in the local community through the beautiful game. Stellar Omada first became aware of Big Hearts through our successful partnership with Heart of Midlothian Football Club, and it made sense that we joined forces to help people in the local community.

The success of our fundraising efforts was not solely dependent on monetary contributions. Volunteers played a vital role in supporting Big Hearts events & spreading awareness – their dedication and hard work were invaluable.

Generosity helps smash fundraising targets by 300%!

We set out to raise £10k at the beginning of the year, and thanks to generous donations, a hugely successful charity race night and an annual charity golf day, we had already beat our original target with the pot sitting at £15.5k by the second half of the year. 

The generosity didn’t end there. We held our annual charity ball on Friday, 6th October, at Tynecastle Park, where we collected over 40 raffle prizes and multiple auction prizes, enabling us to raise £7800 on the night. We thank our events team for all their effort in organising these events. They are essential for bringing people together and driving significant fundraising efforts.

There is more to come. For the past three months, twelve brave Stellar colleagues mentally prepared to do a 10,000ft Skydive on behalf of Big Hearts on Sunday, 8th October. Sadly, due to the weather forecast, the event has been postponed until April 2024. The team has done a fantastic job raising funds, beating their target of £6000. 

This remarkable success is a testament to the power of uniting for a common purpose, proving that we can achieve exceptional outcomes with compassion and determination. As we celebrate this achievement of raising £30,000, let it serve as a reminder that our community can create positive change and make a meaningful difference in the world.

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