Shared values and finding the right investment partner


Last month, we announced that Stellar Omada had agreed to an investment deal with BGF to support our long-term growth ambitions.  

Stellar Omada’s Chief Financial Officer, Zoe Lee, was instrumental in identifying a suitable investment partner and worked tirelessly to help secure the deal. She gives her thoughts on key aspects of the agreement, such as the importance of partnering with investors who share Stellar’s values and have a community focus and cultural fit to help us create value and deliver growth.

Q: How will this investment help Stellar achieve ambitious growth targets?

The funds raised allow us to tidy and strengthen our balance sheet, pay off some long-term loans and give us an equity partner who can help accelerate the growth of the business over the coming years.  Our focus remains on providing an excellent place for our people to work and develop, supporting digital education in the local community, growing our relationship with our key customers, winning new deals and working to deliver exceptional outcomes for all our clients. We now have a solid partner to help accelerate our growth.

Q: Tell us about the benefits of working with BGF and their experienced team and what it means to have Richard Pugh from BGF join the Stellar Omada board.

BGF has a portfolio of over 300 businesses, and we look forward to leveraging their experience to help Stellar grow and create value.  BGF have similar values around supporting the community and creating something special here in Scotland. 

Richard is an experienced board director, operating on ten boards across the UK.  We welcome Richard’s insight into creating value and delivering against ambitious growth targets.

We also formally welcomed Mark Smith to the board as a non-executive director, who similarly brings a wealth of experience.

Q: Give us your thoughts on the deep dive & due diligence process.

We were very pleased with the due diligence process and the feedback we received.  Our governance structure and processes give us a solid foundation as we grow over the coming years.

Q: What other insight can you provide into the relationship between Stellar Omada and BGF?

We’re only four weeks into the relationship, so it’s still early days.  Our focus is now on 2024 and how we make it our best year yet.

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