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Programme Delivery

Stellar Omada can help your business to drive its Change objectives

Stellar Omada is passionate about delivering quality Change. Effective Programme Delivery is at the heart of enabling Stellar Omada to deliver it’s vision of being a World Class service provider.

The cumulative experience and expertise at Stellar Omada will help you deliver a high quality service encompassing all the roles in the Change framework, anything from Programme and Project Director to Business and Test Analyst.

Our approach to Programme Delivery is ‘solution-driven’. Working alongside key stakeholders our approach aims to ensure true harmony between business objectives and the Programme’s goals; maximising the return on investment with a focus to improve Client and Customer outcomes and at the same time future proofing your operating model.

Stellar Omada specialise in a number of areas:

Project & Programme Management

This is an area of speciality and we have a proven track record of delivering large complex projects and programmes for many High Street Banks and large financial institutions.

Projects have included large scale complex payments programmes, acquisitions, mandatory and regulatory projects.

Recovery Management

This is a key skill that we have honed over many years and again have a proven track record of rescuing failing programmes within challenging timescales.

Stellar Omada recently recovered a complex mandatory programme, working closely with the organisation to coach and develop their internal teams to be self-sufficient in project activities going forward. Stellar Omada held key roles across the various disciplines.

Data Migration

This is a major discipline of Stellar Omada, having led and delivered big complex data migrations over many years, involving large volumes of data.

We drive through the delivery and instil the methodology within the organisation including; data mapping, schedule of events creation and tracking, dress rehearsal and release management.

Business Process Mapping & Architecture

We have a team of experts who follow a structured approach to mapping processes for your business. Our approach ensures that your team are upskilled and able to carry out future process mapping for themselves.