Our People Make Stellar Special!


2023 has been a year of success with some great new clients onboarded, supported by our outstanding Stellar people. We have brought a wave of fresh talent to our dynamic team. In 2023, we proudly welcomed an additional 40 fantastic individuals to the Stellar family.

Beyond our business achievements, we are excited to share the strides we’ve made in creating an impactful workplace culture. Here’s a glimpse into some initiatives that have taken centre stage in our commitment to the growth and development of our people and future talent.

🌍 CSR Initiatives: We believe in making a positive impact, and that extends beyond our daily operations. Our CSR team have enforced initiatives that have gained momentum in 2023, with our team actively engaging in projects that make a meaningful difference in our organisation, community and beyond. 

🌈 Health and Wellbeing Committee: At Stellar, we prioritise the health and wellness of our team. Thanks to our Health and Wellbeing Committee and Mental Health First Aiders, we’ve heightened awareness and created a supportive environment where everyone’s mental, physical, financial and family health is valued. Our team is not just working; they’re thriving.

📑 In-House Line Manager Training Sessions: Recognising that strong leadership is crucial, our in-house line manager training sessions have played a pivotal role in 2023. These sessions have been focused on skill development and effective leadership, empowering our managers to guide and support our teams and clients, ensuring excellence at every level.

🤝 Team Building Excellence: Our commitment to fostering collaboration is evident in our dedicated team-building initiatives. Through engaging activities and our annual events, we’ve strengthened the bonds that make us more than just colleagues – we’re a Stellar family.

🚀 i2i Emerging Leaders and Talent Programme: Investing in the future is a core value at Stellar. Our i2i Emerging Leaders and Talent Programme is designed to nurture the potential of our team members, providing them with the tools, mentorship, and opportunities needed to emerge as leaders in their respective fields. Creating a pathway to excellence.

As we wrap up this year, we would like to extend our gratitude to our Stellar People for their dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment. Here’s to another year filled with continued growth, collaboration, and success.

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