My Year at Stellar Omada by Rory McIntyre


Stellar Omada is committed to helping to shape the next generation of tech leaders. We do this by allowing young people to gain hands-on experience in various disciplines, helping develop their technical and leadership skills in an open and friendly environment.

Rory McIntyre is entering his 3rd year of a Business Information Technology Degree at Edinburgh Napier University after completing a year at Stellar Omada as a Junior Business Analyst. A popular figure in the Stellar Omada office, we will miss Rory’s professional approach, positive energy and proactive approach to problem-solving. 

Before leaving to resume his studies, we caught up with Rory to ask how he enjoyed working for Stellar Omada, about the benefits of work placement and if he feels the work experience will serve him well in his future studies and career.

Q – What influenced your decision to take a year out of studying and take a work placement?
A – My cousins did something similar and recommended that I do the same. They felt the experience of working in a business environment while still studying benefited their early careers and development.

Q – How have you found working at Stellar Omada?
A – Working with the Stellar Omada team has been fun and a positive and rewarding experience.

Q – Were the people helpful and able to give you proper guidance?
A – Yes, everyone was very approachable. I could ask anyone at any level in the company, from senior management to my peers and other junior colleagues, for advice or guidance. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

Q – Do you think taking a year out of university to work in a related discipline will help you achieve your course aims?
A – Yes – definitely. A couple of modules for next semester mention Agile methodology, which is widely used in the Business Analysis world. I also learned time management techniques while working on large projects with tight deadlines. Those will definitely come in handy!

Q – What were your key takeaways from your year at Stellar?
A – Developing the skills I have learned at University in a controlled environment and understanding the day-to-day of a professional working life. I can apply my theory in a practical way in real situations. Splitting my 4-year degree into 2 x 2-year chunks has also helped me to reaffirm my learning.

QWhat were the highlights of your year at Stellar Omada?
A – The opportunity to attend many events was a definite highlight. Stellar Omada supports sporting clubs in football, netball and speedway – which provides the opportunity to attend events (Hearts tickets, FIFA night, Speedway, Innovation Centre). The people are also very friendly and helpful, and there’s a real family feel. Using my experience to support other young people in finding a route into technology careers was hugely rewarding.

Q – Will the experience of working at Stellar Omada benefit you in the next phase of your studies?
A – Definitely. I can help my peers back in university by having on-the-job experience. An example would be PI Planning in Agile. I have real-life experience working in this manner, whereas my uni peers will only likely have a theory-based understanding. It will allow me to lead in specific scenarios and build confidence among the peer group. I can also provide practical examples of certain scenarios.

Q – Do you think your experience this year will prepare you for life after university?
A – Absolutely. I have made some very useful connections at Stellar Omada through attending networking events and also built a network of connections through working on projects on client sites.

Thoughts on Rory from Calum Young

During his time at Stellar Omada, Rory was managed by Calum Young, who had this to say:
“As our first university intern, Rory has made a really positive impact during his year at Stellar. He’s worked on several client projects, had experience within our internal Shared Services team, and supported our partnership with Hearts by participating in our innovation centre programme.

He’s been a real pleasure to work with, and we really look forward to welcoming him back to Stellar once he completes his studies.”

We wish Rory the best of luck for the remainder of his studies. We look forward to keeping in touch and welcoming him back into the Stellar Omada family soon.

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