Testing Services- Model Office Proving

Model Office Proving (MOP) is a working prototype for operations which simulates the to be live environment as closely as is practically possible. MOP allows us to validate the usefulness and effectiveness of the proposed solution. Participating in MOP are key Operations personnel who will ultimately be responsible for using the systems and processes once the execution of the project or program is complete.

MOP involves key personnel involved in the transition at an early stage allowing feedback on the new system and processes as it is developed. It provides an effective way to gather buy-in from all the involved parties, as it allows us to prove the benefits of the new system from their involvement. This approach enables us to record and analyse their feedback as soon as possible, and thus adjust the solution to meet their needs. In addition it can also allow us to anticipate issues and address them before they arise.

The Planning Phase
• Identify the key participants in MOP
• Plan MOP sessions that will take place
• Align MOP workshops with key deliverables
• Stand up the environment for use in MOP
• Plan the desired outputs from MOP workshops
Early MOP Phase
• Initial deliverables will be conceptual
• Business E2E (BE2E) walkthroughs can be performed
• BE2E’s can test the planned business processes to ensure they are workable
• BE2E participants should be asked to role play the be live process
Mid MOP Phase
• First deliverables available to test
• Continued performance of BE2E walkthroughs and start of Business Simulations
• Business Simulations use the delivered systems to perform real world tasks as much as possible which will happen in Operations
• At this phase only a fraction of the final systems will be available, however designs will be available for those parts of systems being delivered next
Final MOP Phase
• The last stage of MOP starts when we no longer need to perform BE2E and can rely solely on Business Simulations
• Supports sign-off all systems delivered as acceptable for Operations
• MOP participants can champion the changes as they go back to their teams to train and support colleagues in the use of the new systems