Testing for a Payments Provider

How our Managed Testing Service helps a major payments service provider deliver customer excellence. 

Challenge: Build an outsourced testing function

Following a successful partnership where we helped deliver a Transformation Programme, the client invited Stellar Omada to bid to outsource the client’s future Testing Services.  We participated in a rigorous supplier procurement process, competing against several multinational companies that are household names in the Industry. 

Stellar Omada was selected as the chosen supplier and praised for the quality of our submission. We signed a long-term contract to provide a multiskilled test team capable of designing, planning, costing and executing all functional and non-functional testing for our client.

Our approach: Deliver ‘best in breed’ software testing

We delivered a client-wide test approach incorporating our ‘best in breed’ test service with all the lessons learned from working on the previous Transformation Programme. We were able to use our deep understanding of the technology landscape to ensure that the test approach was efficient and effective and was fit for purpose for a critical payments business.

Our Stellar test experts proposed and deployed a test automation framework aligned with the client’s technology landscape and used existing test collateral built up throughout the transformation programme.

We deployed a large testing team which contained a mix of domain knowledge experts and Testing Improvement Specialists.

We established a charging model that gave the client a clear roadmap for the cost of the service over time while committing to efficiencies and cost reductions as the service progressed.

The team documented a strategic proposal outlining how seamlessly integrating the Testing into the client’s Business as Usual model would allow us to maximise further efficiencies in release strategies, release planning and test environment utilisation.


Here’s how we continue to deliver testing excellence.

  • We are always looking for new ways to refine and improve the testing process for this client to improve efficiency. We respond to changes in the client landscape and drive innovation through the adoption of new tools and processes.
  • We deployed an automation framework, ensuring optimal testing performance. The vast majority of the testing we now undertake is automated. 
  • We are reworking the automation framework in response to the client’s changing needs as they migrate to Cloud Services.
  • We have established trust and confidence between the test team and the client, which we demonstrated in our response to the client’s desire to migrate to the Cloud.  The specialist knowledge built up by our team is now being used outside of the testing arena to inform and support the Cloud Migration programme.
  • We continue to meet all cost and performance targets and consistently receive excellent feedback as a valued partner.

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Key Takeaway

We initially engaged with this client in 2020. Since then, we have continued to build trust and deliver a great service, and we now operate as one seamless team working with our client’s experienced and capable project teams. 

The longevity and ongoing success of this Managed Service Engagement is a testament to the Stellar team, their appetite to deliver an excellent service, and our client’s willingness to embrace our team.