Product & Services

Managed Services

Our managed services enable our customers to bring an end to the culture of ‘keeping the lights on’. We understand the importance to any business, that your environments are performant, resilient and secure but also that the continual need to innovate and transform is not reserved for only project or programme.

We have a full suite of services that can support customers no matter where they are on their cloud journey:


Monitoring & Alerting: Proactive monitoring of your infrastructure and services designed to prevent downtime.

Patch Management: Keep your environments protected from the latest threats with regular patching.

Backup Management: Ensure your data is secure and protected and meets any associated regulatory requirements while being ready to restore if you need it.

Monitoring & Alerting: Proactive monitoring of your application accessibility via endpoints eg .NET, Database and Web Content.

Configuration & Release Management: Packaged application releases, configuration updates to application services or database engines whilst providing management of development and deployment pipelines utilising CI/CD approach and tools.

Managed Application

Security & Compliance

Threat Detection: Internal and external vulnerability scanning across supported infrastructure and services.

Threat Management: Incident management for threat detection event, mitigation action notified or implemented.

Analysis & Retention: Automated audit trails and secure logs stored, change detection across supported environments.

User Interface Monitoring: Implementation of user identification management policy with proactive monitoring of user authentication.

Visualisation and Reporting: detailed insight into cloud spend via dashboards and graphical and tabular reports.

Financial Governance: govern cloud spend by tracking budget performance against defined thresholds and as well as estimate future cloud spend. Govern cloud infrastructure by implementing, automating and monitoring resource accountability and tagging policies.

Financial Optimisation: discovering and implementing opportunities to reduce cloud spend.

Financial Management

Elastic Engineering

Our elastic engineering service allows customers to gain access to expert technical resources that can flex and scale with your needs without the overheads of recruitment and management of temporary staff.

Whether it’s a Full stack Developer or a DevOps expert you need to plug a short term gap in your operations area or a full product team to drive key strategic initiatives we can help. Short term commitment and fixed cost per head make this a simple way to support your business.