Jane Frame – Employee Spotlight March 2021

In the first edition of our Employee spotlight, we hear from Jane Frame, Stellar’s very own Company Secretary, Office Manager and first ever employee! Jane has helped to set up the business, seen the company grow to over 100 staff and is excited to see the Simba product finally come to life.

When did you start with Stellar Omada Ltd?

I am the first official employee of Stellar Omada and not to be confused with the first official contractor Benny Corr. Benny likes to challenge me that he was the first person to work for Colin but we are both ‘firsts’ in different areas!  My first official day was 1st February 2019 but I was working at weekends for a couple of months before that time helping Colin set up the company and was at the inaugural meeting of the potential management team which was held in a central hotel in Edinburgh in December 2018. I met some people, who are now part of the team, for the first time and realised that Colin had chosen a diverse team who all brought different talents to the table and would help us make the dream team. I knew we were onto a winner with all of these people.

What was your role then and how has it changed?

My first role was to onboard new staff for our first customer iPSL who are based in Northampton. I was then involved with opening the office at Roddinglaw in May 2019, I remember the day we were supposed to be moving in, we arrived with the office furniture and the carpet layers were still laying the carpet! More employees arrived at the end of the summer and by then we employed around 50 people.  From the beginning I also controlled the finances for the company issuing sales invoices and paying purchase invoices. As the company has expanded so much by the spring of 2020 I did need extra help and this came during the year in the form of Dawn and Zoe. Also around summer 2019 the journey to Shieldhill began, Colin asked me to prepare an initial business plan for the hotel which had been empty for 18 months, as it had come up for sale. From being a small company in 2019 we have developed into a multi million pound enterprise in such a small space of time.  I am now the Company Secretary as of May 2020 and looking forward to the next stage of our company’s rise to fame.

How has Stellar Omada Changed in that time?

The company has expanded rapidly due to the driven management, enthusiasm and knowledge within the company and we achieved our target of new customers over the last year. We have a great team of managed service personnel covering a wide range of different customers and an equally brilliant team on the ‘Simba’ project. I have seen the Simba project from being an idea to reaching ‘go live’ over the last couple of weeks, and with this technology we can progress to other projects. The expansion of the company forced us to open another office and luckily enough we managed to obtain the new office next to the one we already had. This has been a great asset as we have used staff in both offices to help each team out and to achieve our goals. It has also integrated all of our employees and contractors, until Covid came along!. Hopefully this year we will all be able to get together and renew friendships that have been made over the last couple of years.

What have been your highlights?

My first highlight would be the official opening of the office in Edinburgh, we held a party in the office on the afternoon of 14th June 2019 followed by our first social night out, we all went to see the Edinburgh Monarchs at the Armadale Stadium. We had lots of visitors from Northampton and it was great to put faces to names and all get to know each other.  I hope this is something that will be possible again soon.

My next highlight was receiving notification in August 2019 that we were the preferred bidder for Shieldhill Castle Hotel, but it took until January 2020 to actually receive the keys. The hotel has always been our local and we look forward to the end of the lockdown when we can open up again and be a service to the local and wider community.

My next highlight will be to see the first customer onboarded to the Simba project, watch this space!

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