Investing in Future Talent

Our commitment to developing the next generation of tech leaders.

Developing pathways for success

We believe in the power of investing in young minds and supporting their development for a brighter future.

Our commitment to developing future talent goes beyond traditional education. We actively engage with young adults and emerging professionals to provide them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive. Through education programs, partnerships and projects, we aim to empower the leaders of tomorrow and help them unlock their full potential.

By creating pathways for success and supporting the growth of individuals within our local community, we foster an environment where fresh ideas and diverse perspectives flourish. 


The Hearts Innovation Centre helps young people develop skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. Stellar Omada sponsors digital education and supports technology skill development and awareness in young people. We share our knowledge in BA skills, testing, UX & UI, product design and more with the young people who attend the innovation centre at Tynecastle. We hope to inspire the next generation of talent in Scotland to pursue a career in technology.

Code Clan

Stellar Omada is proud to support young people in their early careers in IT
We are delighted to participate in the CodeClan Youth Academy programme. Developing the next generation of talent is something we are passionate about. Programmes like CCYA, bridge the IT skills gap and we are glad to be a part of that.

Skills Development Scotland

Graduate apprenticeship programmes are a great way to study on the job and help you develop the skills you need quickly.

At Stellar Omada, we encourage graduates to use their new found knowledge, we support them on their journey and we look to enhance skills in our colleagues by re-introducing them to study.

Graduate Opportunities, Paid Internships & Apprenticeships

We know that no two paths into technology are the same. 

Whether it is joining straight from school, from further education or alternative employment, at Stellar Omada we support all of our people, regardless of your starting point on this journey.

Employee Testimonials

I am currently completing a year long Business Analysis placement at Stellar Omada, through Edinburgh Napier University where I am studying Business Information Technology. I have completed two years of study and I’m currently undertaking my third year.

After completing my placement year, I went back to university for my final year of study. Interestingly, I found I was getting a lot more out of my studies as I was using what I had learned on my placement as context for what I was learning theoretically. I have now joined the company full time in September 2022 as a Finance Graduate.
I graduated with my bachelor's in Computing and Management from Heriot-Watt last year. When I was studying for my degree I had no real idea of what I wanted after, beyond working in tech. In University, I loved the diversity of courses and topics that we would cover and the resulting range of skills that I was developing to tackle these. At Stellar I enjoy working in a similarly wide range of areas and building up my skills and experience in each.
I have learnt a lot from my apprenticeship as I had very little experience within HR before starting at Stellar, this has been a great opportunity to learn both on the job and take what I have learnt from my apprenticeship and put it into practice.

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