Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Testing

How our testing practice helped a well-known High Street Bank enhance their CDD process.

Challenge: Analyse & test data to enhance CDD process

Our Client, a well-known High Street Bank, was tasked with undertaking a mandatory work programme to supplement an existing Financial Crime process. 

The programme focused on new customer onboarding and existing customer changes and was intended to enhance the current customer due diligence (CDD) process. 

Stellar Omada was engaged to identify and carry out an in-depth analysis of Customer Data and then to prepare and execute the testing for this project.

Our approach: Analyse & test for success

The Stellar team initially undertook extensive analysis to identify all potential Customer Data variables.  Visualising and storyboarding the data aligned to all potential Customer Scenarios and then cataloguing the data variables and permutations was a key deliverable for this programme. 

Shifting Testing to the left was also a consideration for our client, and Stellar worked with the existing team to automate the current test cases such that they could be executed quickly and at the earliest opportunity. 

We initially executed tests across a single platform to prove the system enhancements in a siloed controlled environment, after which we then extended this to the wider company infrastructure, where we tested all data combinations across a complete interlinked solution.

Customer Due Diligence Testing Outcomes

Here’s how we helped our client enhance their CDD process:

  • By methodically cataloguing and executing tests with all data permutations, we ensured the testing covered the full programme scope.  
  • Automating the testing allowed us to initially test at speed to identify any errors thrown up by the complex data and then undertake retesting and a significant volume of regression testing quickly. 
  • Simulating user testing meant we could verify the Operational Procedures and processes before handing the systems over to the Live Operations team, who proved the system on ‘like live’ Customer Data.
  • The client was going through a delivery methodology shift change at the time of this project. We worked collaboratively with them to enhance and develop the current testing processes, aligning them with the new Delivery methodology and embedding them within the existing team.     

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Many members of our team have worked for large UK banks, with extensive hands-on experience working in business-critical areas such as CDD and financial crime.  

Please get in touch if you need the help of our testing or transformation experts to support the delivery of complex projects and programmes.


Key Takeaway

Working with the client organisation to identify, catalogue and visualise all data permutations at the outset helped to set us up for success. By doing things in the correct order, we were able to quickly streamline the client’s testing function and automate many repetitive tasks and reduce errors.

Tackling Big Data testing on a regulated project was a big  challenge. The Stellar Omada testing practice faced it head on to  deliver a positive outcome for the client.