How we helped our client reduce failure demand within a direct servicing channel.

Challenge: Reduce call volumes

A Financial Services client sought Stellar Omada’s help to reduce call volumes to their telephone operations centre. We were delighted to support this initiative and immediately set to work.

Our approach: Identify and reduce failure demand

Working in partnership with the client, Stellar deployed a team of business analysts to conduct a thorough review of the client’s telephony operations to seek areas for improvement.

The Stellar team listened to many customer telephone calls and categorised the demand type and frequency of the failure demand calls. Using this data, the team could define resultant failure points within the organisation. 

Following the initial analysis of customer call demand, it became clear there was an opportunity to reduce call volumes via the reduction of ‘failure demand’

Failure Demand is simply the organisation’s failure to do something suitable for the customer and is a common issue that plagues all companies, from small to large corporations. 

By introducing a robust data capture process, the team enabled a fresh understanding of how customers reacted to the current service offering.

Our team worked closely with the behavioural science team, process owners, senior stakeholders and other third parties to successfully implement and embed revised processes, all aimed at reducing overall demand in the telephony operations centre.


As a result of working with the Stellar team, our client saw the following benefits:

  • Identified organisational failings 
  • Developed a new understanding of customer interactions
  • Successfully implemented revised processes 
  • Improved customer journeys
  • Enabled a reduction in the number of inbound calls
  • Happier, more satisfied customers

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