2023 Stellar Monarchs Season Review


The 2023 season began with the exciting news that Stellar Omada would be the Title Partner of Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway while also continuing to support the club’s youth development Academy team.

Sponsoring a speedway team is a personal honour for Stellar Omada Managing Director Colin Frame, who has spent much of his life following the Monarchs’ progress. Colin said, 

“It’s a real honour to sponsor and support the Edinburgh Stellar Monarchs speedway team and Stellar Monarchs Academy. Stellar Omada is committed to developing talent and realising people’s true potential – whether they are Stellar Omada employees, speedway riders or young people looking to get on the career ladder into the tech industry. This partnership is important to me, and I’m thrilled to welcome the Monarchs into the Stellar community.”

Spreading joy in the community

Beyond the drama, speed and excitement of Speedway racing, partnering with the Monarchs provides another opportunity to build on an already thriving community. This season, we invited our colleagues, friends, family and other partners from Hearts Football Club, Big Hearts, Linlithgow Netball Club and the VEGA Racing F1 in Sports Racing Team. 

Raising awareness of the sport outside its traditional fanbase is essential to ensuring the longevity of a sport that relies heavily on gate receipts to keep it on track. Stellar Omada also had the privilege of sponsoring the first round of the inaugural British Women’s Open at Armadale Speedway Track. Playing a small part in this historic milestone is an essential first step to a fairer and more diverse sport and opens the door to young girls who may wish to try the sport.

This season, we witnessed the Monarchs team’s determination, passion, and unwavering commitment to do their best despite not getting where they wanted in the league due to injuries or call-offs. The riders’ and management’s hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship have made us proud sponsors and fans.

Supporting  the next generation of talent

Stellar Omada also sponsors the Stellar Monarchs Academy, building on last year’s successful partnership. Developing young talent in Speedway aligns well with Stellar’s ambition of developing the next generation of tech leaders through our Innovation workshops and our ambition to launch a Stellar Academy early in 2024.

Being a part of the Stellar Monarchs Academy journey over the last two years has been incredibly fulfilling. To finish this season fifth in the league, against a backdrop of injuries and other setbacks, is an outstanding achievement for the team. 

On behalf of our entire organisation, we want to thank the Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway Team,  John, Gordon, the riders,  track staff, and the Monarchs community who have embraced us this season as Title Partners. Thank you.  

Congratulations on another good season. We look forward to what the next one will bring.

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